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Harness the power of your tokens in one place and safely access token gated experiences. Grapl helps users build apps that restore trust.

Grapl Vault

Mechanisms to prove ownership and identity, refined.

Issue Non-Transferable Tokens

Grapl is a powerful way to issue tokens for any event or experience, create non-transferable gNFTs that have additional security for things like certificates and PoPs.

Access Experiences

Tap to access any IRL experience, or use gID to one click login to partner applications. Your gID stores information so your wallet address is secure.

Reward Members

Grapl can store metadata on gNFTs that allow content creators to track repeat visitors and reward their most loyal followers.

Confirm IDs

Prove your ownership across multiple applications and sign for any sensitive information like guardianships using your unique human identity.

Shield yourself from attacks and safely access experiences

Grapl allows you to access any token from any wallet under one gID. This limits your vulnerability to attack from malicious links and other common phishing scams.


No Wallet Address Required

Sign once to prove ownership of your wallet contents, and never give out your wallet address again.


Biometrically Secure

Confirm who is using your tokens and sign requests with your unique human identity.


Ease of Use

Turn any token into your keys! Tap your device using NFC in real world token gates or use gID as a one click login across partner websites.

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Token Layer Security

  • Implement flexible SBT solutions for your projects
  • Track meta-data such as repeat users and governance on the token itself
  • Prevent users from transfering tokens and enable membership only whitelists
  • Perfect for social recovery
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